BBF GAMBETTI has always considered it indispensable to invest in the purchase of state-of –the-art machines. This allows the company to produce new articles easily, thanks to new technology.


Texturing is the necessary process to give volume and elasticity to the thread: a stretched thread lengthens and recover its original shape as the tension disappears. Two methods of texturing are used in hosiery: false twisting, or air jet, and complete twisting.


Nylon is nowadays produced and marketed by a lot of companies. At the beginning of the 90s, the nylon industry underwent a profound reorganisation.
Invista absorbed the British Ici, while the Italian SNIA and the French Rhone-Poulenc joined together in Nylstar joint venture. With regards to hosiery, Nylstar, with its Meryl mark, and Invista, with its Tactel mark, hold the main market share in Europe. 

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