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Timeless Tights

Tights…a "must-have" garment for each type of woman: for the career woman, who goes to work wearing an elegant and formal suit, for the girl choosing a jaunty skirt to be matched with funny and colourful tights, for the "fashion victim" who wears them under those woollen shorts that are often worn by girls in trendy clubs and that, in their paradox, are one of the results of fashion "at all costs".

A brief history of tights
Born in 1959, due to the invention of the British inventor Mr. Allen Grant Sr., they spread rapidly among women all over the world. Tights conquered the world of women from the beginning meeting the need for comfort, effectiveness and dynamism.


Quite as quickly, they seized the men's imagination as a symbol of a new seduction style. They were worn by an explosive Sophia Loren performing an unleashed rock'n'roll in front of a puzzled, but then intrigued, Clark Gable in "It started in Naples". 
Marilyn Monroe, the Diva par excellence, wore them under an extra large pullover seducing Yves Montand in "Let's make love". Jane Fondain "Barbarella" gave a futuristic interpretation of tights, matching them with her mini spacesuit and boots.


      How to wash them.

Let's get through some tips for washing. Tights should be hand- washed in lukewarm water, so that they preserve their shape and elasticity. Use a mild, chlorine-free detergent and rinse the tights abundantly without rubbing, pulling or wringing them. If you prefer using the washing machine, put them in the special bags or in a pillowcase.

        How to dry them.

To conclude: drying. It is advisable to keep the tights away from direct heat sources like heaters, sun rays and, of course, tumble- and washer-dryers. Forget about ironing: thin and precious yarns are very delicate and could get damaged. Never dry-clean tights.

   1      How to wear tights.


A pair of tights' long life starts the moment the bag is opened and carries on the moment they are worn. The tights' weft is extremely fine and delicate. It is therefore necessary to make sure that your hands are smooth; and avoid touching the tights with your nails or rings; the most scrupulous ones may wear a pair of gloves. Gather up one leg of the tights at a time, roll it up to the toe and slide it on delicately. Pull the tights gently up to the knee, then repeat the operation up to the gusset and adjust the panty, trying to avoid jerks and pulls. Be careful when you remove the tights as well.

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