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What and How of deniers

Deniers, or simply DEN.

This word gives an idea of the sheerness of tights and stockings. Sheerness generally indicates the tights' apparent transparency, i.e. the look it takes once it is worn on the legs.
"Denier" is therefore the term used to express a yarn's thickness and it represents the weight of 9.000 Mt thread in grams and there is somewhere around one kilometre thread in a standard pair of tights. Undergoing tension, the thread wears thin as it is processed, changing, for example, from 10 to 5 deniers. 
On the ackaging, also displayed next to the DEN, are the "decitex" values, that is the weight – always expressed in grams – of 10.000 mt yarn. The lower the deniers or decitex, the sheerer, and more delicate, the stockings. 

6 den

"Extra" ultra-sheer tights. They started becoming popular with the coming of summer stockings: such a low denier, in fact, allows for the creation very thin products.

10 den

These are ultra-sheer tights, featuring the ideal denier for elegant models, designed for special occasions.

15 den

Though being sheer, these stockings are more resistant than the previously described ones. They are suitable for an everyday use.

20 den

These stockings are relatively sheer, but not transparent. These feature the highest resistance among all the sheer tights.

30 den /40 den

Semi-opaque tights, leaving some, even if small, glimpse of skin visible. In short, a middle way between sheer and opaque tights.

50 den and beyond

These tights are definitely opaque, therefore particularly thick and, consequently, more resistant and long-lasting. Fashion even presents them as a supplement to evening dresses, maybe worn with elegant sandals.

   1      How to wear tights.


A pair of tights' long life starts the moment the bag is opened and carries on the moment they are worn. The tights' weft is extremely fine and delicate. It is therefore necessary to make sure that your hands are smooth; and avoid touching the tights with your nails or rings; the most scrupulous ones may wear a pair of gloves. Gather up one leg of the tights at a time, roll it up to the toe and slide it on delicately. Pull the tights gently up to the knee, then repeat the operation up to the gusset and adjust the panty, trying to avoid jerks and pulls. Be careful when you remove the tights as well.


        How to dry them.

To conclude: drying. It is advisable to keep the tights away from direct heat sources like heaters, sun rays and, of course, tumble- and washer-dryers. Forget about ironing: thin and precious yarns are very delicate and could get damaged. Never dry-clean tights.

      How to wash them.

Let's get through some tips for washing. Tights should be hand- washed in lukewarm water, so that they preserve their shape and elasticity. Use a mild, chlorine-free detergent and rinse the tights abundantly without rubbing, pulling or wringing them. If you prefer using the washing machine, put them in the special bags or in a pillowcase.

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