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Nina Ray

Nina Ray

My style is light and freedom to be what you want at any time of life.
The legs of Nina and the Niners are dressed in colors and designs that satisfy the spirit of giving the pleasure of wearing a luxury without too much ostentation.
As a child I create clothes for my dolls with light colored drapes and adorned with flowers, feathers and wreaths on his head also the comb making them beautiful braids with shiny ribbons inside the hair.
My style is a mash-up between the Bohemian and Hippie mixed with very refined and precious details.
I feel represented by BOHO style that perfectly combines the disorderliness of the fabrics and colors of the extended American campaigns together with impeccable chic of working and the high transparency typical enviable metropolitan bourgeoisie of the third millennium ...
symbols of freedom will always be present in my creations: the butterfly, from the smallest to largest, the years 70 large and colorful flowers and light feathers
My Boho style is for the Niners a way to be unique and inimitable ... but above all the Niners will be happy to release their new femininity delicate and sensual.

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